Mysterion | Higher States, Part 1 (2016)

Performance, Kaserne, Basel CH

New forms of healing practices and rituals are invented within this choreographic excursion, loaded with pop and pomp, in quest of a contemporary setting for our craving for spirituality.

How would it be to change the past? Sometimes we wish we could go back there, travel in time, in order to undo an event. To shift a little detail, to say „no“ instead of „yes“, to decide diferently. Yet what has happened before is strong; and the patterns and traditions we are informed by cannot simply be reformulated. The rituals and mechanics we make use of cannot be reinvented. But there’s a need to fnd new forms of ritual to give us the power to face what lies in the future.

For his new work „Mysterion“, dancer and choreographer Kiriakos Hadjiioannou has researched on shamanism and everyday rituals. Results have been connected with show and spectacle, with dance and theatre. Each evening, another diferent group of initiates is invited to join the performers on stage in order to produce a new, unique ceremony. Researched materials are combined with self-developed movements, with set design and costumes, with light and music.

Concept, choreography: Kiriakos Hadjiioannou

From and with:Tamara Bacci, Romain Brau, Kiriakos Hadjiioannou, Tian Rotteveel, Nancy Stamatopoulou, Simon Wehrli, Matan Zamir and with local participants

Costumes: Romain Brau

Set design: Urs August Steiner

Light design: Jost von Harlessem

Music: Tian Rotteveel

Artistic collaboration: Martin Schick

Dramaturgy: Bernhard Siebert

Outside eye: Anna Papst

Documentation: Benjamin Cantu

Production management: Dominique Cardito, Katerina Drakopoulou

MYSTERION is a production from Kiriakos Hadjiioannou / Antibodies in coproduction with Kaserne Basel. Supported by Fachausschuss Tanz und Theater der Kantone Basel-Stadt und Basel-Land, Stanley Thomas Johnson Stiftung, Fondation Nestlé pour l'art, Sophie und Karl Binding Stiftung, Ernst Göhner Stiftung, Jacqueline Spengler Stiftung, Stiftung Edith Maryon, and Fondation Dr. René Liechti. Made possible by residencies in Tanzhaus Zürich, Südpol Luzern, Arsenic Lausanne und Duncan Dance Research Center Athen. 


Photos © Guillaume Musset


Video documentation © Benjamin Cantu. From the performance on the 16.5.16. Contact us for the password.