L’oiseau De Feu - Danse Infernale, 2015

Roxy Theater, Basel

For the second part of the Stravisky's Lab, Hadjiioannou created a solo on the music of the Firebird. This time the inspiration comes from an archaic tradition in the town Sursee near Lucerne, the Gansabhauet and the afterlife journey.

The ghost that survives is less alive, less substantial, less real than the flesh and blood organism now living. Even though you don’t have your body anymore, you still feel like an individual. In the afterlife the light rays have qualities like wisdom, kindness, compassion and intelligence. This light makes visible what is invisible on earth, the Divine nature of all things. The movement language created for this purpose asks for the ratio between ballet and modern dances with some pointed punchlines.

Concept, Stage Design, Performance: Kiriakos Hadjiioannou
Dramaturgy: Yves Regenass
Lights: Thomas Giger
Costume: Romain Brau
Oeil Intérieur: Dominique Cardito
Production Management: Franziska Schmidt

Photos © Guillaume Musset