Kiriakos Hadjiioannou is a performance artist based in Basel, Switzerland.

His work focuses on various aspects of choreography, movement, space and different art forms, within a historical and political context with the aim to make history tangible and accessible.

He is exploring current developments in the performing arts, concerning questions of communication, specific production networks and cognitive developments in socio-cultural activities.

Over the last years, he has been producing a series of works in thematic contexts. The series 'A past that has not left the body' with the creations Axis, Secondskin, Or Who Owns The World, exploring the body as an object of torture, of imprisonment, of suffering and resistance through historical and political encounters. The Ballet Suisse – Stravinsky's Lab with the works Le Sacre du Printemps – Suite Bâloise and L’Oiseau de feu - danse infernale, focused on pagan traditions and folk dances in Switzerland, embodied on the music of Stravinsky for Ballet Russes. Kiriakos is working on educational projects with kids and teenagers. He created Slapstück exploring on slapstick movies and Beflügelt, with the Sonatas and Interludes by John Cage for prepared piano. In his new series Higher States, refers to the expression "higher states of consciousness", explores the way in which art forms can deal with spirituality and emotions. In the first production of the series Mysterion, he invites a different group of guests each evening to join the performers on stage in order to produce a unique ceremony. 

For the concept of the second part of Higher States, Hyperion, he receives an award from the Swiss Federal Office of Culture / Swiss Dance Awards 2017, the June Johnson Dance Prize for his outstanding approach. The project will be a collaboration with Ensemble Modern and Fabrice Mazliah. The premiere is on the 22nd of November at Mousonturm in Frankfurt.

He studied at the State School of Dance in Athens, Greece and Applied Theatre Science / Choreography and Performance at the University of Giessen, Germany. For 2014 to 2016, he is supported by The Swiss Arts Council ProHelvetia, as part of the pilot project YAA! – Associated Artist in cooperation with the theater Kaserne in Basel.